Stadium Park, 1 KM of the C2C cycle path (Sustrans) along the banks of the River Wear, beneath the Stadium of Light, Sunderland.
This stretch of the Coast to Coast path used to be the site of one of County Durhams largest coal mines, the workings of which stretched out from Monkwearmouth under the sea. On the south bank of the River, during the Victorian age one of the Country's biggest ship yards existed. the river was so filled with shipping that it was possible to cross from shore to shore by walking from boat to boat. Now there is a huge glossy football stadium and grass banks. Only a few traces of industrial archaeology exist to tell of what was once the working lives of thousands of local men, women and children.
The cast iron inlays that Hilary Cartmel made for this site behave as fossils in the ground, leaving a trace of history, coded in language othe local mining industry