Parsons Street, Banbury 2010
Hilary was commissioned by Cherwell District Council to design and make a series of inlays to go into the new paving scheme for Parsons Street and /or Market Square at the heart of Banbury Town Centre. The inlays were designed through a series of consultation sessions and art workshops with MIND, Age Concern, The Leornard Cheshire Home, a stall at the Four Shires Show in August 2009 and with the Reminiscence Group at the Museum.
The inlays tell of the time when this town's commercial heart was its centre, and everything one needed could be bought there, the period before shopping centres, industiral and business parks, chain stores and out of town supermarkets. All these businesses are still remembered by the local people.
The new paving scheme and artwork have been designed to instill interest in the businesses that still exist in the town and to help them thrive.
Spencers' corset's inlay: the reference to the ladies of the Night is veiled, as Parsons Street in the middle ages had another, more graphic name.
stainless steel, cast bronze and steel in two sizes 420 x 420mm and 525 x 525mm

Cornhill Inlay is on the site of one of the Banbury Crosses which was pulled down by Puritans in 1604 this inlay has two removable centres, one small one to take a pole for a hanging basket and a larger one to house a Christmas Tree Trunk.

 Paving inlays running the length of   Parsons Street, Banbury 
 stainless steel, bronze set into   mild steel frame work  
 detail of Truss's inlay     
 Parsons Street: one at each end     
 Ironmongers inlay     
 cycle shop inlay     
 Brown Tea Shop inlay     
 Department sore's inlay     
 The ladies of the night are still   on the street 
 Chemist's inlay     
 The Emporium's inlay (toy shop etc)     
 The Reindeer, the only business   to have an inlay that still exists 
 Banbury Cross on Cornhill     
 Cornhill Inlay on the site of one    of the Banbury Crosses