Growing Achievement Hinde House 3 - 16 School 2005
stainless steel, cast bronze, brass, glass and glass mosaic
wall relief and flooring inlay for the newly built school in Shire Green, Sheffield.
Hinde House School is in the heart of the Flowers Estate in Shire Greenand this name was chosen by the school as the theme for the wall relief which is visible as one enters the school grounds down the long drive from Shire Green Road.
Hilary Cartmel worked with pupils from years 5 (Hinde House Primary School) years 7 and 10 to make artwork which wholey informs the imagery of this wall relief. The school pupils' work was drawn from life: from weeds to exotic garden plants. They worked in printmaking, drawing and painting. Their work was translated into metals by a variety of means, casting, free drawing and laser cutting to create the finished work. Through an open competition in the school the title 'Growing Achievement' was awarded to the work.
The bronze flooring inlay was made from portraits, observational and imagined by year 10 students and serves to introduce the school at the doorstep.