Hilary began making plant sculptures at art school at the same time as making her first garden in a tiny plot behind a terraced house in Nottingham. She now has a large and productive orchard and garden growing fruit, vegetables and flowers. The activity of gardening informs her art practice in many ways.
In some of the work pictured here, they have become the subject matter for the sculpture. Scales are altered and odd juxtapositions made. Her admiration for artists Paul Klee and Munakata are credited. Its their ability to simplify the complexity of the subject that is so attractive. Each year Hilary spends some time drawing and making prints from the garden, stunned by the fecundity of growth and vibrancy of colours, lime greens and deep magentas, deep pinks and purples, but never yellow.

Shrub ii steel galvanised 2002 1800mm high



Japenese Screen with Bird steel 2003 private collection

Bronzed Bush bronze and stainless 2009 600mm high


Munakata Screen with Fennel and Poppy Seed Heads 2003 steel