Early Work : Shells and Vessels 1982 -3
The timber limbs were roughly carved using a chain saw, axe, adze or chissel.
The sections were butt-fitted using dowels and then finally carved to shape.
Each sculpture was put together in a number of sections so that they could be
moved with relative ease.
My first studio was on the 4th floor of an ex lingerie factory on Broadway in
Nottingham's Lace Market. It was shared with four other artists, the rent was
small, there were lots of stairs to carry everything up, plenty of windows with
views of roof tops.
At the end of the 1970s Dutch Elm disease was ravaging the native Elms.
Nottingham Parks department were glad to give me the timber and to have it
put to use so long as I collected it. So out went the rear passenger seats of my
1962 Hilman Minx and in went the wood.
The method of fabrication and revision, this building up form gradually was dictated
by these circumstances and the fact that I am not Hurculean in build. This is still
how I make work. Our second studio ( second floor) had a goods hoist and we
shoved our work out of a 'window' in a huge wicker basket. We moved in there
in 1982.

 working on the floor, scars on the   knees are witness to this 
 Broadway Studio, 4th floor lots of   stairs, lots of windows 
 Solo Exhibition:Air Gallery, London   May/June 1982 
 Air Gallery, London 1982   Sprawling Hermit Crab 44x60x68 ins 
 Air Gallery, London 1982     
 Weston Shell 1982   45 x 41 x22 ins  
 Shell Only Coming in on Waves 1982   Liverpool Intnatnal Garden Festival 
 Shell Only Coming in on Waves 1982   Serpentine Gallery 3680mm long 
 Hermit Crab 1982 44 x 60 x 68 ins   Mappin Art Gallery, Sheffield 
 Columbia The whelk 1982   Air Gallery, London 78x59x36 ins 
 Sprawling Shell 1982 68 ins high   Yorkshire Sculpture park 
 Sunburst shell 1983 36 x135 x128ins   Castle museum, Nottingham 
 Horses' Pot 1984 46 x 22 x 40 ins