Community Engagment
Hilary has always worked with people to make artwork.
Her first paid work after graduating was with Nottingham's Youth Service as an activity leader.
She has worked as Artist in Residence in schools, a psychiatirc hospital, sculpture parks in the UK and Germany and Grizedale Forest.
Many of the commissioned works that she has made have had a design period at their outset, working with local people. Some of this work is hands on art-making, working with all sectors of the community, building confidence and trust through a mutual act of making something new, being creative and getting dirt under ones fingernails.

Creativity is not about predicting an end result. Its about making time to start a journey, making mistakes, recognising and building on happy accidents. Its a process of keeping all the balls in the air until the job is done, learning to have faith that there will be an end result of sorts. Through workshops the art-leader may demonstrate a technique, perhaps only half explain it, and then help the participants along the way to develop what is happening in front of them. People with special needs are treated no differently, but its important that no one is faced with problems that they feel they cannot solve.

Some of community consultation work is fact-finding-research with local interest groups like local history societies.
Some consultation work needs collaboration with other arts practitioners. Hilary has worked with artists, writers and poets, musicians and dancers.

Here is a snap shot of some of the people that have got themselves in the way of the camera in Dorset, South Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicester :

movement work lead by Usha Mahenthiralingam

movement into painted steel  

Woodhouse Washlands, Sheffield  

View from Canklow of Rother Valley  

Making the Portrait of Rotherham  

Broom Valley School visits the studio

modelling and casting  

making large wooden zoo with the scouts

hands on clay, plaster, glue  

more clay, plaster and glue  

Big Draw in sports halls and under canvas

Big Draw events  

drawing on site  

Leicester: printmaking  

Hands on visits to other workshops  

demonstration of bronze casting at Shapes foundry