Hinde House 3 - 16 School is in The flowers Estate, Shire Green, Sheffield.
In 2005 the old building was knocked down and the school moved into the new premises.
During the new build period hilary worked with 3 school years (year 5 at the primary school, year 7 and year 10 GCSE Art group) to make images which would be used in the design for an artwork to go on the sports hall exterior wall, adjacent to the front entrance. The works chosen to be made into metal were from a cross section of the group, and this included children with special needs as well as from the Gifted & Talented group.

The Flowers Estate was built and named at the turn of the 20th century. The flowers are a curious choice and in a way reflect the area. They are not the blowsey showey flowers of English summer gardens, they are Heather, Lilac, Primrose, Foxglove, Daffodill, Hyacinth, Bluebell, Marigold, Clover and Bracken.
Flowers were chosen as the theme for the artwork.
Once the secondary school work was finished the GCSE art group was taken on a visit to the associated industries involved in the manufacture of the wall relief: to laser cutters in Duckmanaton, where they saw how their artwork was translated through CAD into a laser-cut line in stainless steel; to Shapes Bronze foundry and Ingrid Pears hot-glass studio in Sherwood Forest where they 'had a go' and to Hilary's studio.

After the senior school was finished the primary school was rebuilt and a flowers wall relief made for their front wall too. This time Hilary worked with every child in the school to develop imagery for the artwork.
The job of editing this huge pile of prints, drawings, paintings and collages was ruthless. So much good work was left on the cutting room floor, but 60 works by 60 different children were directly translated into metal, glass and mosaic for the finished public artwork.

 Hinde House 3 - 16 School   Shire Green, Sheffield 
 wall relief detail     
 artichokes and black wizard     
 Zaker's plant     
 Rose and Kim's Dahlia prints     
 Leaf drawing translated into bronze   and stainless steel 
 Hands On visit to Shapes Foundry &   Ingrid Pears hot glass studio 
 watching a demonstration at Shapes     
 Primary school 2006     
 Primary School wall relief