HindeHouse School
The GCSE art group at HindeHouse School in sheffield made self portraits in card which were then used as the pattern for casting into bronze and sited in the paving at the front door of the newly built school.
To achieve the simplicity of these images took a great deal of work over several sessions. The students were concerned with the need to make 'Arty' work, complicated statements, images that encapsulated information that they had learned from Art History, received ideas about what Art is. They were not about themselves, not an image of what they could see or understood to be in front of themselves.
As the GCSE group were working as a group towards a final product, Hilary had to push them until there was a body of work which fitted together coherently and confidently.
The image sizes were all different, so these needed to be rescaled and remade to make the patters for the foundry.

 HindHouse School front entrance     
 images from the design work 1     
 images from the design work 2     
 Bronze paving inlay   Front Entrance